The Art of Connecting

What if you could skillfully and gracefully build closer, more authentic connections with people?

What if you had the essential skills to confidently relate more effectively in every conversation, even the challenging ones?

Your success in your relationships and life is highly impacted by your ability to wisely navigate both personal and professional conversations.

Participating in this group will help you develop and increasingly master new communication skills. You will gain an understanding of the art and science underlying meaningful conversations. The result will be more successful, thriving relationships.

You will:

Your participation will help you infuse your relationships with greater purpose, pleasure, and effectiveness. Regardless of how you intend to use what you learn in this group, you will see that all your relationships will be impacted positively!

For dates, times and other specific information, download the flyer, or check the calendar for scheduled workshops and groups.

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Building Thriving Relationships