Relationships That Work® (RTW) provides you with a highly effective approach for creating success, joy, and meaning in your life, personal relationships, and with yourself.

We offer individual coaching, relationship coaching, ongoing groups, and seminars to support you in achieving greater satisfaction, peace, success, and fulfillment. For those of you who are interested in using this approach in business, please visit Rewire Leadership.

RTW provides you with an owner's manual and tool kit to create successful relationships.  We have developed a powerful personal/interpersonal change system which is based on years of researching effective personal and interpersonal change strategies along with direct facilitation of thousands of individuals and groups. The systematic practices within our model help you build your confidence, competence, and capacity for joy, while other practices focus on creating effective, meaningful interactions with others.

Relationships, groups, and families thrive when individuals are self-aware, conscious, accountable, and courageous. Developing these attitudes and an accompanying skill set accelerates your ability to achieve your highest aspirations by helping you connect with your vision and values while eliminating or transforming the obstacles that hold you back.

Our model builds on your core strengths while uncovering ways to handle or resolve your challenges. Rather than a perfection model (which activates the pathological perfectionist leading to anxiety, angst, and lower accomplishment), we teach and practice the correction model.

We are committed to having relationships that work with our staff, clients and customers, and our community. We practice what we teach. Knowing that we fall short of our ideal vision of relationships, we continue to learn, grow, and evolve using the correction model we espouse.

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