"As a consultant and teacher, Judith is creative and skilled at meeting each participant at his or her level. She is gifted in seeing people's potential and helping them to realize it. This makes her an excellent coach as well. She establishes rapport quickly and develops an atmosphere of trust in which participants find themselves stretching the limits of their beliefs. Judith is able to support people in shifting their perception of an event so it becomes an experience from which to learn rather than evidence to be used against them. She has a rich sense of humor that she uses to help put people at ease.

Judith's understanding and application of the FIRO theory has gained her international respect. There is no one whom I trust more to take the theory, my life's work, expand upon it and innovate from it."

Will Schutz (1925-2002)
Former President
Business Consultants, Inc.

"'Become Your Authentic Self' is unlike anything you have ever done. It moves you beyond talk and creates change that is literally embedded in your cells. Through her work with thousands of people who have the same questions you have, Judith Bell has created a unique, transformative model that brings together the most innovative approaches to leadership, personal development and coaching—as well as the most recent brain research.
Become your authentic self and find what you have always dreamed of!"

Kathleen DesMaisons, Ph.D.
National Best Selling Author of
Potatoes Not Prozac

"This is some of the most important work an organization can do. If you want to find the energy in your company beyond even what you can imagine, then this is the trigger."

Roy Childs
Team Focus

"Putting words on things I've been looking for. I am conscious now in a new way. A journey has begun, and it's a good journey...It felt so safe to be on this course, to do emotional archeology together with Judi. If you want to explore what holds you back from being your true self, go ahead and take the step."

Ola Trouvé
Managing Director
Utvecklingspoolen, Sweden

"I have met many different concepts but this one is the best. It even beats the Human Element. In its simplicity, it takes you on a deep journey into your defense patterns. But what makes it stand apart is its ability to help people transform."

Maxi Tropé
Principal, Consultant
Tropé Consulting, Sweden

"Cliché as it may be, I found Authentic Leadership to be nothing short of profound and personally transformative. What I learned in this course was instantly useful in my life, and is, bar none, the best conceptual framework I have found not just for being a "leader", but for being a human being. Judith Bell was excellent, not only demonstrating mastery of the material from a teaching perspective, but by living and modeling it for us. I cannot recommend this course highly enough."

Dakin Ferris
Former Vice-President
TIBCO Software Inc.

“Judi’s course helped me understand the roots of my defensiveness. As a result of the workshop, I have a new awareness of my defensive urges, which no longer overpower me so often.”

Jack Herndon
Organizational Consultant

"The course is life-changing. It is completely unique and wonderful in its delivery. Judi has a rare and wonderful talent."

Declan Sweeney
Company Director
Gloucestershire Autism Services

"Thank you for a life-changing experience. I stumbled blindly through your door having no idea what lay head. Your talent, intelligence, honed-intuition and all the hard work you have put in up to this point enable a group of disparate people from different continents to come together and open up in a most extraordinary way."

Mary Britton-Rose
Vice President of Product Development
Restoration Hardware

"This course will change your life. Trust in Judi."

Jon Lefferts
Basin Street Properties

"This training gave me joy and playfulness. I now dare to trust my wisdom. I feel the uniqueness in myself and dare to use my full potential. I am aware of the uniqueness in others."

Helma Nijssen
Principal & Consultant
Nijssen Partners

"I have attended a number of courses and seminars led by Judi Bell. It seems that each course or seminar teaches me more than the last. It may be that each course opens one up so that in the next, one is ready to hear and see. Judi has a wonderful ability to attract incredible people who, with Judyis teachings, bring the journey to unexpected heights."

Harry Andrews
Andrews Hotel, San Francisco

"The Human Element ®, was the most inspirational and life changing workshop I've ever experienced. I use aspects learned in the course daily."

Beth McDermott,
Greenwood School

"I was a little worried that I might be bored spending a week examining myself but Judi was a wonderful facilitator. I learned things that changed how I am as a parent, a partner, and in my work. Judi helped me to gently untangle knots that I did not think were possible."

Christopher Ris
Piano Restorer

"Judith Bell brings a loving kindness to this work and creates a space where I was able to explore vulnerable and scary places in my relationship with myself and my relationship with others. I became much more aware of the sweetness in our marriage. And got more of a feeling of stability and depth in our marriage. I'm more willing to let people know what's going on for me emotionally than I was before. Before it felt like there were dire consequences."

Stephen Weitz,
Ph.D. Biochemist

"For me, working with Judith Bell is a delight. She is able to create an atmosphere of safety, comfort and challenge, in which anyone who wants to go the next step towards being their true and full self, will find the balance they need. She just loves people and to see them grow and I felt that that the moment I walked into the room.

I find it fascinating to see and experience the way in which Judith Bell helps people go where they are ready to go. She supports them to look around their inner walls and barriers in a safe loving way, so they can carefully choose to break them down now, later or not at all.

I recommend Judith Bell to anyone who is looking for that trainer, coach or support who has it all. She genuinely cares, is very knowledgeable, smart, quick and insightful and will with great humor and warm personal comfort challenge you to look in the mirror to meet more of yourself than you saw this morning. I certainly did."

Wouter van der Hall
Personal Coach, Trainer, Management Consultant, Facilitator

"I came with reluctance, from fear of being seen and not being able to do whatever I was going to be asked to do. I found that I didn't have to do - I just had to be. Sometimes it doesn't seem like enough, but now I believe it is."

Susie Kowalewski

"When Judi said The Human Element® would transform my life, I signed up for the workshop immediately. Little did I know that I would transform my life – and Judi's presentation of The Human Element® was the brilliant tool to make that happen."

Martha Danly
Marketing Executive

"What an exquisite week!
This week allowed me to go to new places in myself and open more fully to all of who I am. An accelerated journey! This workshop gave me tools to live a life of choice, truth and awareness. I felt totally guided and honored by Judi to go to deep places in myself and reclaim lost parts and fall in love with myself. How I see myself has TOTALLY changed! How I see others has totally changed. How I see the world has totally changed."

Jane Bell

"Fantastic, Superb, Deepening."

"Twirling, swirling, with humor and kindness, down into the depths of conscious and unconscious behavior and beliefs."

"For once, I feel like I can begin to manage my feelings and create life as I truly want it."

"My level of resignation about me and my abilities have lost their foothold."

Genie Ohashi
Facilitator, Management Consultant

"The work of Judi Bell:
... gave my heart wings that I can now fly
... enabled me to put on the high-powered telephoto lenses to see my biography in a way that I had never viewed it before.
... If you're living your life with the cup ½ empty this is the course for you to fill it up!
... She teaches with brilliance, wisdom, and compassion.
... Truly life changing
... My life will never be the same
... After 30 years of courses, therapy, etc. The Human Element is the one thing that not only cracked, but opened up the hidden vault that I had run into as a child for safety – And Judi was there to greet me with love!"

Deborah Jones

"To work on one self at such a deeply challenging level was simultaneously excruciating and exhilarating."

Christee Styles
Real Estate Appraiser

“The Human Element ® workshop led by Judith Bell is such an empowering experience and tool. By the second day of the workshop, I realized I could, and did, choose to make this week a life-changing experience. Judi doesn't just talk the talk of “empowering individuals” she walks it very specifically. Everything she taught and pointed out to me seemed designed to remind me in a very gentle but extremely direct way, how I wasn't taking charge of my choices. I also found opportunities in this workshop to find the original sources and wounds, which led to choices which no longer work well for me. It rocked!!!!”

Berne Fitzpatrick
Men's Group Leader, Sr. Network Engineer

"The five days I spent with Judi at ‘The Human Element' workshop kick started a new life for me and for Whitley Products; I will always be grateful to her for showing me that as individuals we can choose to live a different, more meaningful life. She is an excellent facilitator who would serve you company well."

J. Randolph Lowe
President & CEO
Whitley Products, Inc.

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