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Angel-Traitor inner character work focuses on building our positive traits and transforming those that we perceive as negative.  Angels are our inner allies, helping us realize and manifest our greatest potential. Traitors are our “dysfunctional angels,” driven by survival strategies that once kept us safe, but now prevent us from thriving.

Throughout the workshop, we work and play with common traitor challenges like procrastination, depression, and even fears of success using expressive arts and action-oriented exercises. We focus on enlivening our most important angel characters and transforming our most stubborn traitor characters.


Participants find the Angel-Traitor approach to be clarifying and enlightening, allowing them to become more self-compassionate, aware, and fulfilled: “My angel voices are stronger and my traitor voices quieter. Surprisingly, I have learned that my traitors care for me and just need to be embraced and reeducated.”

The workshop will help you strengthen your angel muscles to engage more fully and energetically in your life. You will walk away with specific practices that will help you stay on your angel path long after the workshop ends.

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