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Educational & Motivational Speaking

We educate and entertain audiences through a variety of methods. Our intent is to provide different ways of understanding the historical and contemporary roots of the subject matter. All of our presentations promote greater compassion and skillful action by awakening and alerting people to challenges, while also offering grounded, practical advice on how to proceed. The lessons learned in our presentations facilitate greater personal development for men and women, both personally and professionally.

Engage from Start to Finish

Our presentations often include audience participation—from individual and group exercises to question-and-answer sessions. Participation allows the audience to engage both with the content and with each other. The result: A rich tapestry of understanding and empathy emerges as both men and women gain greater insight into themselves and each other.


We are available to speak on a wide variety of topics. Please contact us for more information or to request a specific topic.

Topics Include
  • Building Resilience

  • Creating Thriving Habits

  • The Art & Science of Mindful Conversations

  • Understanding Men & Core Male Drivers

  • The Power & Purpose of Self-Compassion

  • Learning through the Positive

Global Availability

RTW speakers are available to speak world-wide.


Venues include (but are not limited to):

  • Organizations

  • Events

  • Businesses

  • Groups

  • Schools

  • Churches & temples


Please contact us for inquiries or bookings.

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