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AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP 2: Navigating the Interpersonal World Mindfully

This course takes the principles and practices of Authentic Leadership 1 into the interpersonal world of business and personal relationships. Participants learn tools to recognize visual, auditory, and energetic signals to read others more accurately and communicate more effectively, leading to more perceptiveness and creativity in relating to all types of people. The course includes brief lectures, experiential activities, assessments, group discussion and feedback, and skills practice and application..


Educational goals and specific learning objectives are:

  • Become a more effective leader of people

  • Learn mindfulness practices to increase self-awareness and perceptiveness of others

  • Improve ability to interpret others verbal and non-verbal signals accurately

  • Learn to communicate non-defensively, to diffuse defenses and bring out the best in others

  • Enhance ability to support and develop others as well as one's self


Prerequisite: Authentic Leadership 1: Become Your Authentic Self

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