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Relationships That Work® offers a variety of services in the fields of personal development, professional development, life coaching, counseling, psychotherapy, educational speaking, motivational speaking, and group work.


We also offer various seminars, workshops, and training courses.


Coaching focuses on helping people clarify and progress in specific areas of their lives, including relationships, health, career, creativity, or a more general focus on fulfillment. Our intention is to help make the personal development journey a fun and joyous experience, while also being effective and fulfilling. 


Strength with Heart® men's groups focus on helping men live thriving, empowered lives as confident, compassionate, committed, complete human beings. Why? Feeling strong and heartful is necessary for living fully and deeply.


We focus on helping couples understand themselves and each other, while increasing compassion, creativity, sustainability, and overall success. This helps couples build the strength and capacity to relate lovingly and consciously—and have more fun!


All courses focus on you learning specific life skills and habits to become emotionally and physically robust and resilient. Each course focuses on living a thriving life somewhat differently. Take a look...


Psychotherapy is a more in depth version of coaching. It is designed for people interested in understanding how their early life experiences have shaped the person they are today, while learning proven methods to reshape their thought and behavior patterns.


We educate and entertain audiences through a variety of methods. Our goal is to promote greater compassion and skillful action by awakening and alerting people to challenges, while also offering grounded, practical advice on how to proceed.

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