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Skill Sets

Developing skill sets to help you thrive personally and interpersonally is part of our mission. The following skill sets are designed with those concepts in mind.

Self-Development Skills
  • Develop greater self-awareness so that you can capitalize on your strengths

  • Develop presence and self-confidence

  • Learn self-coaching strategies to manage your emotions and behavior more effectively

  • Discover inner resources that allow for greater clarity, vision, and flexibility

  • Develop more self-trust and improve internal decision-making

  • Become more resilient, flexible, and resourceful

  • Increase your capacity to experience and express joy, gratitude, and love

  • Learn to integrate your experiences to support your growth, not simply collect them

  • Deepen authenticity, insight and integrity

  • Expand your perception of who you are and who you could be


Interpersonal Skills
  • Improve communication skills: listen well, speak openly, and receive feedback graciously

  • Handle misunderstandings before they turn into conflicts

  • Decrease defensiveness and improve all relationships

  • Learn how to set up and carry through important (often difficult) conversations

  • Learn how to deal with other people’s defensiveness more effectively

  • Ask positive and effective questions

  • Become aware of and take responsibility for your contribution to relationships—both positive and negative

  • Collaborate effectively with family, friends, and co-workers


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