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Couples Counseling

In RTW couples counseling, you and your partner will learn skills that help you thrive as a couple. It goes deep and is practical. We help you build the strength and capacity necessary to relate lovingly and consciously—and have more fun! We also support you in addressing the painful messes you get stuck in and give you tools to get back on track.


You will have an opportunity to learn and practice a more mindful and compassionate approach for untangling your relational challenges and also deepening your connection. Rather than utilizing a superficial behavioral approach only, our emotional archaeological approach goes to the roots of the problem, providing understanding and a path toward conflict dissolution or resolution. This helps you enjoy your relationship more consistently

Thrive as a Couple!

Couples counseling gives you the tools to:


  • Clarify your personal vision for being in relationship

  • Become more mindful and intentional in how you relate with each other

  • Uncover the aspects of yourself that get triggered by your partner

  • Navigate conflict mindfully and effectively

  • Use each other's differences to enrich the relationship

  • Become less defensive with each other

  • Bring out the sweetness in your relationship

  • Increase your ability to truly understand each other

  • Handle your differences with greater empathy and equanimity

  • Develop a deeper sense and experience of true partnership

Who Utilizes Couples Counseling?
  • People who want to become stronger from the inside out.

  • Couples who want to develop new skill sets rather than be dependent on the couple’s therapist

  • Couples from all walks of life—from couples in leadership positions to those seeking new career directions to those seeking emotional support for a better quality of life for them as individuals and together.


Global Availability

RTW counselors are available globally thanks to technology and computers.


Counseling sessions can be conducted:


  • In person

  • Over the phone

  • Through Skype (or another online meeting platform)

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