AWAKENING JOY with James Baraz

This internationally recognized course is designed to provide practical tools for clinicians who want to bring mindfulness into their clinical practice. It includes key tenets of positive psychology and takes a secular approach to age-old spiritual practices and wisdom. It provides themes and practices that incline the mind toward well-being and deeper insight.  It offers clinicians a multitude of modalities and methods to infuse their work with mindfulness which has been shown by scientific research to lessen depression and anxiety, increase a sense of well-being and joy, and support people in living a healthier, more balanced life.


Educational goals and specific learning objectives are:

  • Develop a skill set to support clients in inclining their mind towards more well-being, happiness, and ease.

  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of the 10 themes of Awakening Joy along with the accompanying practices that will support a client in developing a specific wholesome state.

  • Compile a set of tools that bring attention to and awareness of feelings of uplift that accompanies each wholesome state.

  • Create a plan to address potential impediments to a client’s ability to access wholesome states through the exploration of activities and practices that foster these desired states.

  • Design your client’s treatment plan with appropriate mindfulness practices that increase beneficial habits of mind.