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AWAKENING JOY with James Baraz

This internationally recognized course is designed to provide practical tools for clinicians who want to bring mindfulness into their clinical practice. It includes key tenets of positive psychology and takes a secular approach to age-old spiritual practices and wisdom. It provides themes and practices that incline the mind toward well-being and deeper insight.  It offers clinicians a multitude of modalities and methods to infuse their work with mindfulness which has been shown by scientific research to lessen depression and anxiety, increase a sense of well-being and joy, and support people in living a healthier, more balanced life.


Educational goals and specific learning objectives are:

  • Learn how to apply the concept and identify three ways that mindfulness can interrupt confused and negative thinking

  • Name how utilizing the practice of inclining the mind towards the possibility of more joy can improve patient care, and/or reduce burnout

  • Identify four gratitude practices that support well-being and may be used to reduce challenging experiences such as stress, anxiety, or depression and learn how to apply it with clients

  • Name the four elements of RAIN when working with clients

  • To show your integration of the important theme of using and teaching compassion with clients, name three ways that show how compassion affects the nervous system and how you can apply this information to client care

  • Identify three reasons that attachment can lead to suffering with clients

  • Identify two ways that the practices of forgiveness, acceptance, and self-compassion can improve patient care

  • Name three techniques to support clients to counter-act tendencies towards self-judgment and feelings of unworthiness

Requirements for obtaining CEs:

  • In order to receive 30 CE hours, in addition to the class sessions which are each 1.5 hours long, each participant will be expected to devote 90 min outside each session. These include reading the class practice letters, reading the corresponding chapter theme in Awakening Joy: 10 Steps to Happiness and engaging in a daily meditation practice and other activities such as exercise and journaling. 

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