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Your skill and effectiveness as a leader can be made or broken through the quality of your conversations. This workshop provides an overview of the mindset and skills that inspire and catalyze successful, essential conversations. It includes a framework for utilizing discoveries from evolution, positive psychology, and the social brain.  

Become more adept in navigating conversations by gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges people (including you) face in having essential conversations. This framework is applicable to personal relationships as well. 

Some of the skills and tools that you will learn:

  • An approach for understanding the common opportunities and impediments to meaningful leadership conversations. 

  • Recognizing and addressing the hidden questions people have behind their upsets.

  • Why clarifying intention and staying on purpose is so critical to successful conversational outcomes. 

  • The factors that increase the probability of having the other person receive your message positively.

  • Ways to recognize and identify emotional reactivity (defensiveness) as the core obstacle to successful conversations. 

  • Awareness of the hidden assumptions that could derail an essential conversation.

  • Practices to diminish reactivity and inspire positive participation.

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