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We are each always changing, always growing. But sometimes we encounter moments or periods of life that are so potent, and so full of potential, that they transform our consciousness, fundamentally shifting our worldview, our motives and priorities, and how we relate to ourselves, others, and the world. Where we have been limited, we expand. We become more open, balanced, and aligned with our true values. Compassion for self and others arises more naturally.

For more than a decade, research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences has examined how these transformations happen and how they can lead to greater meaning, joy, and purpose. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what your current transformative path is—whether you seek to transform your life completely or simply make adjustments to add richness and depth—learning more about the terrain of consciousness transformation can not only give you a map, but also can help you become the cartographer of your own journey. Using lecture, video, discussion, creative process, and deeply embodied experiential play, we will weave scientific findings together with wisdom from the world’s spiritual traditions and your own authoritative wisdom to explore deep shifts in consciousness, and how they can be integrated into everyday life. Join us to reorient, remember, and renew your commitment toward living more deeply every day.

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