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Compassion is frequently misunderstood as a sign of weakness. A modern, scientific understanding of compassion demonstrates that it is actually a strength that allows us to bear hardship with dignity and confidence. It’s a frame of mind that can be learned and evoked when we need it the most. This program is designed for men who wish to experience the transformative potential of self-compassion in their lives, including professionals who also want to teach the theory and practice to others.


Self-compassion allows us to acknowledge our mistakes, learn from them, and motivate ourselves to improve. It’s also associated with a wide range of positive psychological factors, including wisdom, a sense of well-being, emotional resilience, improved relationships, reduced anxiety and depression, and healthy life habits. Self-compassion also provides a foundation for compassion for others.


Self-compassion is particularly liberating for men, yet, paradoxically, men have misgivings about self-compassion due to cultural myths about masculinity. This workshop will dismantle those myths, and offer a rationale and practical procedure for becoming more self-compassionate.

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