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Are you interested in feeling more joy, love, and pleasure in your relationship? You'll be happy to know that there are simple and effective practices that can help you do so.


Research has shown that happy couples have a 5-1 ratio of positive to negative interactions—even when they are having a disagreement. Those include verbal, physical, and visual expressions of caring.


Imagine! Even when you're having an argument or experiencing distressful interactions, there are ways to get through it successfully and with positivity. You can learn basic relationship practices that can turn negative to positive and positive to great.


This one day workshop will provide you and your beloved with an opportunity to learn and practice fun, innovative ways to create more pleasure, satisfaction, and joy in your relationship. You will leave with simple reproducible and effective techniques that you can implement immediately into your everyday life. The workshop experience will be practical, fun, and exciting. Practicing the techniques at home will turn them into loving habits.


Long after you have gone home, you will reap the benefits of your newly acquired skills.

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