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We all have aspects of ourselves that are pro-growth and motivated to thrive (our angels). We also have aspects of ourselves that are growth averse simply because they feel threatened by change (our traitors). The Angel of Masculinity men's workshop will help you fortify your angels and rewire your traitors.


FORTIFY your confidence, trust, courage, creativity, self-compassion, passion, meaning, and connecting with others.

REWIRE depression, anxiety, rage, frustration, shame, hopelessness, helplessness, and general insecurities.

Understanding the unconscious survival value underlying your most difficult experiences can help you begin to befriend and transform these traitor characters into angel characters. We can literally rewire your inner world and create a better life for ourselves—moment by moment.


The benefits of Angel-Traitor work include:

  • Feeling more confident in yourself as a man

  • Creating more success at work and at home

  • Relating with greater ease in both your personal and professional relationships

  • Experiencing well-being and joy more consistently

  • Expanding your capacities of being creative and innovative


In a safe, supportive group environment, we’ll join forces to take the next steps in building on our strengths and honoring each other. The workshop format will include lecture, personal sharing, small group work, and various creative processes.

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